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Membership Categories

Active -  CSRC Active Membership requires you be an Active member of the AARC.  New Graduate special listed under "Active" category.

State - CSRC State Membership is for any licensed RCP employed in respiratory care who is NOT a member of the AARC. State members may hold Committee chairs at the state or region level but do not vote.

Associate - CSRC Associate Membership requires you be either an Associate member of the AARC or employed in a job unrelated to respiratory care either as an RCP or non-RCP. Associate members cannot hold any CSRC elected office or committee chair or vote in CSRC elections.

Student - CSRC Student Membership is for all students enrolled in a respiratory care therapy program. Students receive the same benefits except are non-voting members or obtain CE credit at CSRC sponsored seminars.

Notice: 10% of your dues are not deductible as a business expense due to the extent CSRC engages in lobbying activities.

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